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Marketing Consultation for Therapists, Therapy Schools and Organizations

As a therapist, whether you've been employed by an organization and are now moving into your own practice, or whether you've been in private practice for some time now, you might have a sense that you need to market your services, but feel that marketing is scary, intimidating, or that you "shouldn't have to" if you're well trained and offering something of value.

You are far from alone! In my experience, the idea of marketing is anathema to most therapists - and therefore, to people who direct therapy organizations - training institutes, people who run workshops from and for their private practices, and others. Indeed, even when people can identify a need, there is often a sense of not knowing where to start, that this is all just too overwhelming, and maybe a bit mysterious in the bargain.
That's where finding someone who is both an experienced therapist and has a specialized interest and expertise in promoting the work of therapists and therapy-focussed organizations can come in handy.

I work with clients to create a plan to address their marketing needs (See Comments From Customers Page). We will start by looking at what you've already got in place - whether it's very little or you've tried many approaches. Then I will recommend strategies and tasks for you to follow through on. We'll stay in close communication as you develop your website, brochures, contacts with organizations on and off the Internet, and any other initiatives we put in place. Email communication is usually the key way we stay in touch, which makes it easy to track what we each have said and what needs to be done next.

Trained and experienced therapists, and organizations responsible for professional training and development are welcome to contact me at any time to make further inquiries with respect to my services.